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從構想到製作 - From Imagination to Production

萬事起頭難,這個網誌,不知怎樣開始寫起,那就從PERFECT M這個PROJECT開始寫起吧。 說這是一個PROJECT,倒不如說是一件一直掛心,不做不安樂的事情。

對於時裝潮流不是專家,不過就是很喜歡日本東京的衣著風格,感覺很有活力,又帶有一點莊重感覺,而且製作一般都很精緻,足夠滿足都市平常人如我。好像從懂事以來,就隱隱約約不自覺地跟著這種風格走著。來到要開店時,也自然地選擇自己比較熟識的領域吧。當然,時裝有很多種檔次,翻開時裝雜誌,都是漂漂亮亮的高檔牌子。但其實,若然用心配搭,有時候中價的也能配搭出不錯的效果。關於PERFECT M 這個名字,是即興想出來的。我想,穿衣配搭之道,多少需要一點完美主義,和想像空間,所以就這樣簡單的兩個字了。


“Things usually seem difficult at the beginning.” It is the thought in my mind when I start writing this blog. I do not know where to begin, so I just start with writing about the “Perfect M” project. Perhaps it is not a project, it is something that have been lingering in my mind and I just need to do it.

To be honest, I am not a master in the fashion area, but I really love the fashion style in Japan. It is energetic and a little bit classic, while the production is usually fine and detailed. To satisfy a typical urban woman like me, it is more than enough. As I can remember, I got used and attracted to their style since I was a young teenager. When it comes to opening a shop, this idea of “casualwear in Japan” came to my mind immediately. There are many different classes in fashion industry. When you flip through those fashion magazines, you admire those beautiful, classy and fancy brands. Have you ever thought of matching the usual casual wear to give an eye-catching outlook like that? About the name “Perfect M”, it is an immediate idea. I think, to enjoy your mix and match, you need a little perfectionism and imagination. The two words merely represent this simple meaning.

The production of this online store is a long process starting from zero. It took almost a year in planning. The preparation work is more than I can imagine. It is hard, but it is fun. There are a lot to improve in this shop, but still we can promise to provide excellent product and service, as we value your shopping experience and opinion.

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